Christmas success

Christmas through Lowell successfully completed.


Large marketing project “Christmas through Lowell ” complete

My Taurus horoscope is right on target today.

I especially find useful Deepak Chopra’s quote: “Life gives you plenty of time to do anything if you stay in the present moment. ”

I often meditate with Deepak & Oprah to stay focused on my big writing projects.

Currently, we’re wrapping up a “Time” meditation.

I give huge credit to meditation for being able to finish both my screenplay “Riddleyville Clowns ” and my new book “Shifting Sands Short Stories.”

We have just completed “Christmas through Lowell ” team marketing of my book with my daughter-in-law Maranda Palova, and her business “Little Dreamers Sleepovers.”

I would have never been able to get through the long hours without meditation and staying in the present moment.

I even met fellow countrymen Matus from Bratislava, Slovakia at the Red Barn Market on Sunday.

He recognized us…

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