Little Dreamers Sleepovers, nor any of its employees, will not take on ANY liability for damages, accidents, deaths that may occur with ANY of our product while in your possession. The client assumes all liability for and agree to defend indemnify, hold harmless and protect the company from and against any and all liability. I acknowledge all responsibility lie solely with me to investigate the allergies of all party participants. If something was to occur it is the clients responsibly and you agree we are not involved. We recommend you get a list of any guest allergies before the event. It is you’re responsibly to ensure their safety and well-being of guests, and to ensure they do not consume or come in contact with the allergens that may cause allergic reaction. Little Dreamers Sleepover is not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from the menu, wearing of costumes, or any activity taken place before, during, and/or after the party. Please verify there are no latex allergies, if there are latex allergies please notify us.

It is your responsibly to verify the health of your guests, if any guests have cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fever, or vomiting they shall not attend the party. There is a risk of contracting COVID-19 while gathering among people and Little Dreamers Sleepovers will not be held responsible for any illnesses or death.

The pamper party is for entertainment purposes only and treatments are not performed by licensed cosmetologist, nail technicians, or estheticians.  

We toughly inspect, wash, dry, and sanitize all equipment after use, in the rare case you may encounter a pest; you must immediately notify use. We are not held responsible for any pest that may be encountered. We reserve the right to refuse service for un-hypo genic conditions, smoking, or unsafe conditions in the venue.

It is the responsibility of the customer to take care and always supervise children with sleepover equipment. Diligence must be taken with younger children on the sleepover equipment, the equipment is not suitable for children under 5 years of age


In case of any damages to our property other than normal wear and tear, you the client will be held responsible and held accountable to damage fees. All products will be thoroughly inspected with client after set up and thoroughly inspected again with client when picked up. Any damages found will require replacement and a fee list will be provided depending on item. The hiring client will be held responsible for payment of damages to Little Dreamers Sleepover.


All Little Dreamers bookings require an upfront deposit at time of booking to hold your date. The remaining balance is to be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to the sleepover date, in addition to a completely refundable damage deposit (the deposit does not count toward the final invoice). The deposit will be fully refunded 48-72 hours after pickup. The deposit will be refunded the same way it was send by the customer. Note: Cleaning and laundering of linen is included in the party package however, if any item are damaged or stained, the deposit will not be refunded. Payment methods accepted are direct bank deposit, cash, venom, PayPal or check.

Cancellation and Refund

 If the customer requests to change the date of their hire booking, a minimum of 10 day notice must be given. If an event is cancelled for any reason we will be glad to offer the next available date that works for you up to one years time. The customer’s request can then be granted only if the preferred date is available. In the act of god, pandemic, or other catastrophic event we will offer you the ability to reschedule your event within one years time. If you decide not to reschedule and cancel your deposit will be forfeited.

Little Dreamers Sleepovers reserves the right to cancel your party at any time, for any reason. We will always try to give as much notice as possible. In such instances we will refund the client any money paid or give you the opportunity to reschedule. Little Dreamers Sleepovers will not be liable to pay any compensation to the client or any other person for loss, damage or expenditure arising directly or indirectly from the cancellation. We also reserve the right to terminate the reservation without notice if there is a breach of any contract or conditions.

Location Responsibility

We require the spaced to be cleared before we arrive. Little Dreamers Sleepovers does not move any furniture or belongings. If we arrive and space is not cleared we will not set up and the party is subject to cancellation. Once the furniture is moved please sweep/vacuum the area prior to our arrival. We recommend a reasonable amount of space to ensure a comfortable experience for you and your guest (One tent with air mattress measures approximately 36”W x 62”L (single mattresses) or 54”W x 75”L (twin mattress). Little Dreamer Sleepover is willing to conduct your event at any location of your choice. Any venue fees will be your responsibility, if we are refused access to event space, no refund will be given and your party is subject to cancellation. You must inform your venue of us, Little Dreamers Sleepover as a third party vendor prior to your booking. Before your event we will set a time for pick up and drop off, we ask you please respect arranged time due to other party’s scheduled the same day. If you are not available or are more than one hour tardy for pick up or drop off your deposit will be withheld.


The client is responsible for all items that are rented to them. Any items that are damaged or lost will be charged to the client. The client has the right to look at the rented items before we leave and verify that there are no damages prior to renting these items. Any items that are found to be damaged or stained will be made note of, and no charges will be made for those specific damages. For clients who chose our DIY package a check list with the rental items will be given to the client upon pickup. The client is responsible for returning all the items that are on check list the next day. In the event that something is missing or damaged the client will be held accountable. In the event of a bed wetting, there will be a $30 fee for cleaning of soiled materials.

If for any reasons, you need to add or remove tents, we ask that the final number be given 1 week prior to the party.  If available you may request addition tents after the final count is confirmed, however you will not be able to remove tents from your final count. The client will be billed for the confirmed final count. Please keep in mind that the minimum rental package is for 5 tents.


In the event that inclement weather is forecasted and safety could be compromised we may have to postpone your event. If this may occur we will offer you the next best date.

With the tents being setup (Usually over 48 hours there may be minimal damage to the surrounding grass due to lack of sunlight leaving the grass yellowed, flattened and dry. This will fade following the reabsorption on sunlight and water.

The customer is responsible for ensuring adequate outdoor space. The bell tent measures 16.5 feet in diameter and peaks at 9 feet high. The bell tent requires a minimum of 22-25 foot of flat lawn to allow for staking into the ground. Please take into consideration the area around the bell tent including pathways, decks and overhanging trees and power lines (for height). In addition have the area cleared of any debris or animal feces prior to arrival and turn off any outdoor sprinklers during your rental period. Little Dreamers Sleepovers will not refund any full payments in the event that adequate space is not available.

The customer must ensure that the area used to set up any extra equipment (picnic tables, floor cushions, rugs etc) is ready for us. Little Dreamers Sleepovers is not responsible for the removal of equipment to enable the party to be set up. Any delay in the start time because of this may result in a waiting fee being charged. The customer is responsible for all equipment while in their care. The bell tent must be in an area that is able to be secured or supervised at all times.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the bell tent. Firepits and BBQ’s are to be kept well away from the bell tent, as this creates a fire hazard. Please reframe from spinning or dancing around the center pole within the bell tent.


Delivery, assembly, styling, collection and general laundering are included in the hire cost. Pillows are not provided for guest for sanitary reasons.

Air mattresses are checked after each use. Keep in mind these are air mattresses, and this does not guarantee potential deflation due to excessive weight, miss handling or abuse.

Strictly NO PETS are permitted on any Little Dreamer equipment. Little Dreamers Sleepover understands with a party, food and beverages will be served. We ask you take into considerate what you allow near rented items in order to prevent damages to our product. Also refrain from coloring utensils, slime, fingernail polish, glue, or any colored beverages/food being used within equipment. We appreciate only small dry snacks and water inside tents to avoid damages.


Little Dreamers Sleepovers has provided this account of our policies and terms of service with the assumption that you have read and agreed to our policies before signing the electronic party agreement at booking. Please ask for clarification if there are any questions regarding the above policies BEFORE reserving your party.