Luxury Picnics

A luxury, pop-up picnic experience where you don’t have to lift a finger! Let us take care of the details- we scout the perfect location, set up a luxury, boho inspired picnic, and then we clean everything up when you’re done. Leaving you and your guest with lasting memories and great conversation.

Our picnics are great for Birthdays, Proposals, Brunch with the girls, Date nights, or even group date nights. Whatever your celebration, we want to be a part of it!

Don’t forget we offer full service luxury picnics and tablescapes to your home or venue, great for intimate celebrations and events.

What’s included in your pop-up picnic?


Low profile table for up to 6 guests 
Picnic Blanket/Rug
Decorative table décor
Water with ice
Two hours of use
Charcuterie available*
Additional table/guest avlaible*
Natural Floral available*

Grand Rapids Picnic

The Setup

We want it to be EASY to book- simplifying the choices means a quicker decision and a better experience. That’s also why we don’t allow guests to choose colors, decor items, etc in our pop-up picnics. Check out our full-service picnic for options.

Feel free to add on a backdrop or balloons to elevate your experience.

Sorry, no glass is allowed at public parks and beaches, so we don’t offer it to our guests.

Luxury Picnic


Before your picnic we’ll send an email confirmation with map + details, email reminders + a text with your exact location pin, so it’s super easy to find your picnic and know what to expect!

Delivery, setup, and cleanup are all included. Once settled our Assistant will leave during your picnic but will be happy to snap a few pictures.

Don’t wait to book your luxury, pop-up picnic today. Picnics are limited and will go fast

POP-UP Picnic Holland State Park Beach
Mommy and Me
Ah-Nab-Awen Park
Fallsburg Park
Townsend Park
John Collins Park
Meyers Lake

Feel free to contact us for addition information