Quarantined Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are a once a year celebration, where we gather with friends and family to celebrate our loved ones day of birth. These birthdays can represent a coming of age, more responsibility, or just another year around the sun. No matter the years celebrated its important to do something to make the birthday girl/boy feel special.

No one would have ever guessed they would have to cancel their child’s birthday, but with the threat of COVID-19 pandemic many are forced to find alternative solutions. Here are some solutions of how to celebrate your birthday during quarantine.

Bake a Cake Together

  1. 1.Make the birthday girls/boys favorite sweet treat, weather it be their favorite cake, cookies, cheese cake, or other desserts. Who cares if you cant bake, make the best masterpiece together. Put on a YouTube video of how to frost a cake and enjoy the time together. Check out this video- How to frost a cake at home with a Ziploc bag.

Build a Fort together

2. As a child you remember gathering all the blankets, sheets, and furniture to make the best fort. Why not continue those memories and help build a fort to celebrate the birthday girls/boys day in. Dont forget to cozy up the fort by adding Christmas lights!

Birthday balloon avalanche

3. Event though the party may only consist of immediate family decorate with what you have on hand. Balloons are an essential party decoration. If you want to start the morning off with a surprise the balloon avalanche is a perfect way. When he/she opens their bedroom door balloons will fall to them. Check it out!

Hold a Zoom party

4. Surprise your birthday girl/boy with a zoom party. Zoom is a free application that allows multiple people to video conference. Send out a virtual invitation to the zoom birthday!

Relax at the home Spa

5. Have a spa party and relax together. Round up all the luxurious spa items you have on hand such as bath bombs, lotions, nail polish, facemask (make your own or use yogurt),and cucumbers for the eyes. Soak your feet together, let them apply your face mask, and enjoy the day painting each others nails.

Have dinner together

6. Why not take this special day to teach your birthday girl/boy how to prepare their favorite meal. But this is no ordinary dinner, set the table, use cloth napkins, ad table decor, and light the candles for a special dinner party.

Hold a photo shoot

7. This ones for the girls! Let her pick out the most glamorous outfit, curl her hair, and let her wear the forbidden lipstick . Now mom start capturing the new generation of a glamour shot.

Have a birthday parade

8. On the day of the birthday boy/girl have all your friends, family, and neighbors drive by your home around the same time. Make the birthday feel special by making birthday signs/banners to wave as they drive by. Don’t forget to have the parade stop and sing happy birthday!

Birthday mail

9. With modern day technology many people don’t send physical cards, but as a child each year I couldn’t wait for my birthday card from my grandma (Ok….there may have been money in the card). Have all your family and friends send birthday cards (hand made are a great option). On the day of their birthday tie a balloon to the mail box and have them check the mail and discover all the cards.

Postpone until later

10. Its ok to postpone their party and celebrate when the time is right for your family. Check out Little Dreamers Sleepovers for party services such as spa parties, sleepovers, tea parties and more.

We wish your child a Happy Birthday and cant wait to celebrate with you soon!

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  3. These are all great birthday party ideas. I love all your party themes. What are your upcoming new themes for spring/summer?

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