Michigan Bell Tent Intimate Wedding

Michigan Wedding Elopements took on a whole new meaning during this years pandemic. Never in my lifetime would I have thought I would be living through a pandemic, nor did millions of others. With a creative solution we never let COVID-19 get in the way!

During the pandemic I pivoted my business and purchased a bell tent to add to my experiences. It soon became clear to me that I could offer couples an intimate, backyard wedding option. That’s when Tracy, of Park Place Design and I came together to create a dreamy elopement. I am so excited to share this bohemian inspired wedding with you today.

Video by Almost Fantasy

I called upon Jessica, from Bridal Elegance GR. Once hearing of the idea Jessica and her husband, Jake were on board. Jessica arrived in a stunning, lace gown, by Lillian West. The handsome Jake arrived in a sleek tuxedo, by Bunny Tuxedo. Makeup was done by The Pretty Committee Beauty accenting Jessica’s natural beauty with smoky tones, and soft red lips.

The beautiful assortment of flowers included spring peony’s, ranunculus, lilacs, and anemones all tide together with sprigs of fern and eucalyptus. (Flowers by Park Place Design Floral)

Amethyst Bee Cakery created a nearly naked cake, simple and delicious. A single bright pink peony topped the cake, while eucalyptus and pastel flowers encircled the base. The cake complimented the bohemian, romantic vibes that where styled through out the photo shoot.

Munro Photography and Almost Fantasy captured the day showing the world that intimate weddings are the next best thing. During the photo shoot a rainbow appeared, was this really happening? Indeed, was the world sending us a message? After all, its not every day you get married during a global pandemic, but if you do this would be the way to do it.

Rainbow wedding

Intimate weddings are the next best thing…..

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  1. This is awesome, Maranda. I admire your creativity and adaptability to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep it rocking.

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